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Central water softener
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Central water softener
Central water softener
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Product NameCentral water softener
Product modelNBN-UF-2000
Product numberS2
 Ambient temperature5-45℃
Applicable water pressure0.1-0.4MPa
Filter mediaFine quartz sand + British bleaching Wright food grade resin
Caliber of water inlet and outlet3/4'
Flushing caliber1/4'
 Effluent flow2000L/H
Implementation standard

Q/NBN 10005-2014

Approval numberYue Weishui character (2018)-02-s9649
Product size310*440*880mm
Effluent qualityIn line with the requirements of the Code for Hygiene, Safety and function Evaluation of drinking Water quality processors-General Water quality processors (2001)