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Machine Warranty


1: one year warranty for the water purifier, one year warranty for the core parts of the whole machine, free on-site service for after-sales problems within one year (without any cost), after-sales problems after one year require the user to bear the on-site service fee, replacement parts for old, wearing parts except.

2: the water purifier is guaranteed for one year from the installation, and the faucet, filter element and vulnerable parts are not covered by the warranty.

3: consumables are not covered by the warranty (consumables include various filter elements and reverse osmosis membranes);

4: the central water purifier is guaranteed for one year, and accessories are provided free of charge within one year.

5: the machine is out of warranty. After the parts are replaced, the replacement parts are guaranteed for 6 months.


1: nobina water purifier promises to unconditionally return and exchange the product within 30 days if the water purification effect is not up to the standard.

2: if the quality problem of the machine is confirmed by the after-sales department and cannot be repaired in the end, the user can choose to replace the machine of the same model (no fee will be charged, if you choose other models, a certain price difference will be charged).


1: free door-to-door water quality testing for customers, without charging any fees.

2: after purchasing the machine, provide customers with installation and commissioning services for free, without charging any fees.

3: no depreciation fee will be charged for the returned or exchanged machine due to the company’s quality.

4: during the warranty period of the whole machine, free maintenance services are provided according to customer needs, and only the replacement cost of consumables is charged;


1: the start time of the machine’s warranty period is based on the installation date recorded in the service record (warranty card). If the user loses the record, the warranty period is calculated based on the start date of the production date marked by the production code by 3 months.

2: product damage or improper use caused by irresistible factors such as fires, earthquakes, and other factors (including installation and maintenance by units not designated by our company) are not covered by the warranty.

3: the factory and the dealer have indicated that the "special price machine" will be reduced in price. The "processed product" does not guarantee the appearance, but only guarantees the product performance. The random gifts are not covered by the warranty.

4: after the replacement of parts during the warranty period of the whole machine, if the remaining warranty period of the whole machine is less than 6 months, the replacement parts are guaranteed for 6 months; if the remaining warranty period of the whole machine is greater than 6 months, the remaining warranty period of the whole machine is term warranty. If the parts are replaced outside the warranty period, the parts are guaranteed for 6 months.

5: outside the warranty period, if there is no replacement of parts, the machine will be guaranteed for the same failure for one month after the product is repaired. If the same problem occurs during this period, it is forbidden to charge for labor again.


1: formal: after-sales personnel must wear nobana water purifier after-sales overalls, and wear service work permits, publicize to customers and accept customer work verification.

2: not allowed: not allowed to accept customer invitations to eat, not to receive customer gifts, not allowed to smoke at the customer’s home, not allowed to inquire about customer privacy, chat about information irrelevant to after-sales service, and not allowed to use customer’s items without permission, not allowed make a loud noise at the customer’s house.

3: in place: the usage instructions are in place, the daily maintenance method reminders are in place, the service record sheet is signed to confirm that it is in place, and the on-site garbage cleanup is in place.

4: 1 pair of shoe covers: shoe covers are required before entering the door.

5: 1 piece of cloth cushion: the tool box and repair parts are placed on the cloth cushion.

6: 1 dust cover: after installation, put on the special dust cover of mido.

7: 1 trash bag: after the service is completed, you need to take away the garbage from the customer’s house and replace it with a nobana water purifier trash bag.

Your choice of our service will never stop, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions; thank you for your trust and support!