What is the function of hydrogen-rich water

What is the function of hydrogen-rich water? Hydrogen-rich water, as its name implies, is hydrogen-rich water. It is called hydrogenwater in English and 'water water' in Japan. 

Hydrogen is a colorless gas with a lower density than air, and hydrogen has the lowest density among all kinds of gases. 

hydrogen-rich water

It's not that hydrogen is insoluble in water, it's just that the solubility is really low. 

The invention of nano-gas-liquid mixing technology in China has well overcome the scientific problem that hydrogen is insoluble in water. The preparation method of hydrogen-rich water is to use physical methods to make water evenly wrap hydrogen molecules and promote a stable combination of hydrogen and water. 

It has the characteristics of high hydrogen concentration and good stability. 

hydrogen-rich water

Social benefits of hydrogen-rich water: 

1. 'Water quality determines physique', but not many people can really understand the importance of water to life and health, so some people call water a 'forgotten nutrient.' 

2. According to the statistics of the (WHO) agency of the World Health Organization, 80% of diseases and human deaths in developing countries are rooted in water. 

3. Professor Li Fuxing, director of the China healthy drinking Water Committee, pointed out that the water we usually drink or use will indeed shorten our lives. 

4. Good water determines the life span. 

Hydrogen-rich water is not only clean, hydrogen and energy, water is a small molecular living water mass, negative hydrogen ions deeply absorb 80%, purify blood, make blood smooth, exuberant metabolism, prevent a variety of diseases and improve human health. 

hydrogen-rich water

The action mechanism of hydrogen-rich water: 

1. The essence of the effect of hydrogen-rich water on health is to contain hydrogen. Water is only used as the carrier of hydrogen and does not play a role in itself. 

2. After drinking hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen is absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract faster than water and enters the blood, and is transported to all organs and tissues of the body through the whole body blood circulation. 

3. The biological function of hydrogen is to scavenge reactive oxygen species or free radicals in the body. The human body will produce excessive reactive oxygen free radicals due to ultraviolet radiation, environmental pollution, intense exercise, smoking and drinking, fatigue, excessive psychological pressure and drugs. The increase of reactive oxygen free radicals is an important cause of oxidative damage to a variety of diseases and aging. 

4. Scientific research has found that the medical effect of hydrogen is through 'anti-oxidation', 'anti-aging', 'selective scavenging free radicals', 'anti-inflammation' and other antioxidants such as vitamin E, vitamin C, carotene, tea polyphenols and other antioxidants. the advantage of hydrogen is that selective antioxidation is only scavenging toxic free radicals and has no destructive effect on benign free radicals needed by the human body. 

5. Another major feature of hydrogen is biosafety. High concentration hydrogen has been used in human diving for more than 50 years, and no obvious toxic effect of breathing high pressure hydrogen has been found. 

Therefore, the international academic community has listed hydrogen as a simple asphyxiating gas as nitrogen and helium, while Japan, the European Union, China and many other countries have listed hydrogen in the list of food additives. 


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