How much damage can the household water purifier produced by the water purifier manufacturer withsta

  Nowadays, the household water purifier produced by water purifier manufacturers has become a necessary product for every family. If there is no water purifier to filter impurities in the water in today's seriously polluted and poor water quality living environment, then our kidneys will become filters.

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  I believe some people will say: do not say so terrible, bacteria and viruses can be killed by high temperature, as long as drink boiled water on the line?

  But even if the water boil bacteria and viruses can die, heavy metals, eggs, scale and other substances in the water will still exist in the water.

  On the other hand, the water purifier can filter out more than 98% of the impurities in the water quality.

  Next, let's find out how much damage the household water purifier produced by the water purifier manufacturer can withstand.

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  Primary and secondary pollution 'rust'.

  Rust generally comes from oxidized water pipelines. When tap water is transported through galvanized iron pipes, long-term contact between water and galvanized iron pipes will oxidize to form 'red iron oxide', and further oxidation will also produce 'black iron trioxide'.

  And tap water in the long-distance transport process will carry some oxidized 'red iron oxide' and 'black iron trioxide', commonly known as rust.

  If the human body drinks water with rust for a long time, it will not only increase the burden on the body's kidneys, appear endocrine system disorders and hypertension and other diseases.

  It will also affect the appearance and taste of drinking water.

  Second, aluminum, heavy metals and so on.

  Rust, lead and other heavy metals are introduced into tap water during transportation.

  Long-term drinking tap water containing rust, lead and other heavy metals will not only increase the burden of liver and kidney, but also easily cause diseases of liver, kidney, heart and nervous system.

Is the water purifier good

  How much damage can the household water purifier produced by the water purifier manufacturer withstand?

  Third, residual chlorine.

  Chlorine, also known as 'tap water disinfectant', is a strong oxidant with pungent smell and peculiar taste.

  General chlorine is widely used internationally to disinfect tap water.

  Too much residual chlorine will bring bad smell to the water, and too low will make the water lose its ability to maintain sterilization and reduce the hygiene and safety of water supply.

  If the residual chlorine interacts with organic matter (such as sweat), it will cause the surrounding air to form nitrogen trichloride, damaging our eyes and throat.

  Residual chlorine may also lead to heart disease, coronary atherosclerosis, anaemia, hypertension, liver and kidney discomfort, asthma and emphysema, and the risk of cancer will increase over the years.


  Fourth, the bacteria and viruses that grow in the water.

  Bacteria, E. coli, viruses and so on in tap water can be said to be 'everywhere'.

  How many bacteria and viruses can the household water purifier produced by the water purifier manufacturer resist?

  According to the (WHO) survey of the World Health Organization, 80 per cent of the world's diseases are caused by water pollution; about 1.2 billion people fall ill from drinking contaminated water sources; and 50 per cent of global cancers and 50 per cent of child deaths are caused by drinking contaminated water.


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