Ranking list of water purifier cost performance before 2020

Ranking list of water purifier cost performance before 2020

A cost-effective water purifier is the most important selection factor. So, in the water purifier brands before 2020, which brand of water purifier products are cost-effective? Let's take a look at the list of cost-effective water purifiers made by people in the water purification industry! The following content is for reference only:

Ranking list of water purifier cost performance before 2020

Top cost-effective water purifier ranking 1: Nobana

Nobana has been deeply involved in the water purification market for 10 years and has established a strong and leading aquatic product production line and R&D center, which can produce water purifier products suitable for local people according to the changes in water quality in different regions. In the early days, Nobner was mainly engaged in the discovery of whole-house water purifiers. In recent years, it has mainly shifted part of its focus to the production and sales of whole-house water purifiers and commercial water purifiers. Provide a mature and replicable business model for franchisees of water purifier agents. After years of specialized research in the whole house water purification industry, Nobana has obtained more than 20 international certifications, more than 100 invention patents, more than 30 EU certifications, and has 200+ water purifier franchise partners.

Ranking list of water purifier cost performance before 2020

High cost-effective water purifier ranking 2: Hanston

In many cities across the country, I believe many people have heard of Hanston water purifiers. Hanston Water Purifier launched the dual-water dual-membrane water purifier, fully automatic cleaning and sterilization, integrated waterway plate, and fast card pretreatment filter element. Thus, Hanston water purifier has become the representative of high-end water purifier in the market.

High cost-effective water purifier ranking list three: Omate

Omate Water Purifier is an emerging water purifier brand, dedicated to full-efficiency purification and water-saving technology. Omate adheres to the humanized design concept and designs special products according to the needs of different users, which are more popular with users of all classes. Nowadays, Omate's products cover multiple series such as household and commercial products, and the market share is also increasing year by year.

Cost-effective water purifier ranked four: Midea

In the domestic water purifier market, Midea's market share has long maintained the industry's first place, which is inseparable from its huge reputation. Midea focuses on reverse osmosis water purifiers. The peanut water purifiers introduced in recent years have a small and exquisite appearance and relatively high cost performance. Coupled with Midea's mature after-sales service system, it has won the trust of many users.

High cost performance water purifier ranking list five: Haier

Haier is a home appliance giant with the same name as Midea, and it is also an earlier brand that entered the water purifier industry. Haier cooperated with Strauss of Israel to produce water purifiers with good water quality, low salt consumption, low water consumption and fashionable appearance, and adopted a five-year after-sales service cycle, which relieves consumers from worry about after-sales service .

Reminder: In addition to the representatives of the high cost-effective water purifier brands ranked by the above 5 water purifiers, there are also some water purifier brands such as Bingzun and other water purifier brands. I will not list them one by one. After understanding the ranking in the appeal After the water purifier brands on the list, which one do you think is more worth buying?