Water purification tips: "Cheats" for the maintenance of different stages of water purifiers!

'Water is the source of life' Nowadays, having a good household water purifier is a protective cover to protect the source of life's purity and safety. In the process of using the water purifier, many families have feedback that it is difficult to get the water purifier. Today, Xiaona sorted out the points that need to be paid attention to in the different stages of the use of the water purifier through the feedback.

1. New installation stage of water purifier

The newly installed household water purifier needs to pay attention to: first turn on the faucet to discharge water, mainly by flushing the modifier on the surface of the filter element through water flow. Modifiers belonging to medical grade and edible grade are basically harmless to the human body, but it is not recommended to drink directly.

2. Use stage of water purifier

1. The water purifier cannot be exposed to the sun

The water purifier should not be placed in the sun, because direct sunlight will cause algae to grow inside the filter element of the water purifier, which will affect the taste and safety of the water from the household water purifier. Therefore, it must be placed in a place out of sunlight during installation. If the home conditions are limited, a baffle can be set up near the water purifier as an effective sun protection measure.

2. The water purifier needs to be cleaned regularly

Although the water purifier is accompanied by water every day, it also requires regular 'bathing'. This requires the flushing function of the water purifier itself to flush the filter element. Under normal circumstances, Xiaona recommends that water is frequently used once a day in summer and once a week in winter.

3. The filter element of the water purifier needs to be replaced regularly

The filter element is the core part of the water purifier. The filter element of the water purifier intercepts various impurities in the water through filtration accuracy, and the impurities intercepted in this process will adhere to the filter element. In the long run, the impurities on the filter element will accumulate more and more. Excessive load will greatly affect the filtering capacity of the water purifier. Therefore, regular replacement of the filter element of the water purifier has become an important and must be done.

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