Foreign Trade Operation

Job Responsibilities:

1. Mainly operate website operation, develop new customers through websites or other channels: 
2. The company's website update, SEO optimization and Adwords promotion optimization. 
3. Familiar with the international station Alibaba keyword ranking rules and optimization, release and update the company's products, regularly optimize the website design, page layout, changes in the internal navigation structure of the website. 
4. However, learn about other international network promotion resources, use a variety of networking platforms to promote the company's products, and synchronously update the company's information to major websites (official website, Adwords, social category, Youtube, etc.). 
5. Plan interactive activities to increase and maintain fans in the account. 
6. Industry keyword arrangement, shop decoration operation, product release and optimization, window product optimization, P4P opening management, store data recording and analysis, creating popular styles, understanding the changes of market environment and international station rules, take timely measures. 
7. Fully responsible for the operation and management of the company's Alibaba platform to ensure adequate inquiry volume in the foreign trade department: 
8. Feedback regularly to the Director of Foreign Trade on the promotion of the platform and put forward improvement plans.
9. Familiar with the international Alibaba P4P operation process, can effectively improve the exposure and feedback of the platform. 
10. Responsible for managing the operation and safety of Alibaba's accounts, controlling product risks and stipulating all kinds of safety issues: 
11. Make the sales plan according to the company's overall sales strategy and sales target, and complete the company's sales task. 
12. Track product sales, timely adjust sales strategy, improve sales, improve click-through rate, baby ranking and so on. 

job requirements:

1. CET-4 or above, major in information engineering, computer, electronic information is preferred. 
2. Strong promotion of cross-border e-commerce, overseas SNS marketing, website operation, SEO optimization and Aswords. 
People of great interest: 
3. Recognize the e-commerce platform, with self-motivated, conscientious work, strong sense of honor and responsibility. 
4. upright, strong sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure; cheerful personality, good at communication, full of team spirit; quick thinking, like to understand new things, strong learning ability. 
5. Strong communication and expression skills, flexible thinking, able to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations. 
6. Welcome those who have experience in promoting e-commerce projects. Experience in foreign trade team management is preferred. 

Employee benefits: 

1. Good office environment and working atmosphere. 
2. The salary will be adjusted according to the actual situation every year. 
3. Various holiday benefits. 
4. The company holds staff dinners, parties and so on from time to time. 
5. Entry and purchase of five insurances. 
6. Basic salary + commission + performance + overtime allowance + year-end bonus

Foreign trade salesman

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the market development of the company's international foreign trade business, understand the operation of the B2B platform of Ali International Station, and maintain the health of the platform account. 
2. Responsible for the development and promotion of overseas markets. Open up overseas markets, develop and maintain foreign customers, reply to enquiries, Emurmail, deal with orders, deal with customer problems, etc. 
3. Contact customers through e-mail, social media, telephone and other channels to request product quotations, business negotiations, signing contracts, etc. 
4. Communicate with cooperative customers regularly and establish a good long-term cooperative relationship. 
5. Other jobs arranged by the company. 

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in English, foreign trade English, business English, international trade and other related majors is preferred. 
2. Be able to open up the international market independently and be responsible for managing the e-commerce platform, experience is preferred. 
3. English CET4 or above is required, with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, proficient in reading and translating product materials, strong international business communication and negotiation skills (foreign trade experience can be relaxed). 
4. Have a high passion for sales work and strong ability to work under pressure. 
5. Tough character, quick thinking, good adaptability and ability to withstand pressure. 
6. Have keen market insight, strong sense of enterprise, sense of responsibility and positive work attitude. 
7. Be good at communicating with others, good team work spirit and high sense of responsibility, be able to work under pressure, have innovative spirit, and ensure the quality of work. 
8. Love your job, be careful and patient, and have a strong sense of responsibility. 

Benefits: specific salary negotiable.

1. Enjoy national statutory holidays and various paid holidays. 
2. Wages and benefits: basic salary + commission + bonus + full attendance + seniority, etc. 
3. The company provides food, accommodation, water and electricity subsidies. 
4. The company holds staff dinners, parties and so on from time to time. 
5. 6 days a week, closed on Sundays, working hours: 8:30-18:00. 
6. Work location: 10th floor, New Zebang Science and Technology Building, Xingye Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen.

Production supervisor

Job Responsibilities

1. Be responsible for going deep into the production site, grasp the product quality, organize and deal with the relevant process problems in the production, strictly monitor the production formula, and take the main responsibility for the quality in the production process. 
2. To be responsible for the formulation and improvement of the process and technical management system, organize the workshop technicians to implement the process management, supervise the implementation of process discipline, and promote the smooth implementation of all the work in the production workshop. 
3. To be responsible for the work of saving energy and reducing consumption in the production process and constantly put forward rectification and improvement plans and organize their implementation. 
4. Responsible for implementing and improving the production management system of the workshop, responsible for managing the workshop, ensuring safety in production and ensuring product quality. 
5. Be responsible for the timely inspection of the production equipment in the production workshop, find the problems in time and solve the problems in time. 
6. Be responsible for finding the deficiency of the equipment in the production process, put forward the written modification suggestion, and report it to the leader of the company. 
7. Be responsible for correctly handling emergencies in the production workshop, and report the progress of incident handling to the supervisor at any time, and ask for instructions in time for the events that cannot be handled. 
8. Responsible for the technical training for staff and workers and all kinds of training for new employees, responsible for the reasonable adjustment and work arrangement of workshop personnel. 

Job requirements

1. More than 5 years working experience, proficient in on-site management of production workshop. 
2. Be familiar with the extrusion equipment and be able to make reasonable adjustments according to the characteristics of the equipment. 
3. Strong organization and planning, good team spirit, dedicated and diligent work attitude and pragmatic work style. 
4. Strong training ability of coordination, communication and personnel management. 
Salary and treatment: negotiable.

General workers (installers, assemblers, general workers).

Job Responsibilities:

The company is mainly engaged in the production of water purifiers, air purifiers and other household appliances, mainly responsible for product assembly, packaging, plug-ins, testing, screws, open SMT, quality inspection and so on. The work is easy, simple, easy to operate, no work experience, no radiation. 

job requirements:

1: male or female; age 18 Murray 45. 

Salary and treatment. 
Salary of regular workers: 

Basic salary 2200, 1.5 times overtime on weekdays (18.93 yuan / hour), 2 times overtime on weekends (25 yuan / hour), 3 times legal holidays (37.88 yuan / hour) + room and board + water and electricity subsidy + length of service. 
Work overtime for 3 hours a day on weekdays and at least 8 hours a week on weekends. 
The company provides free management skills training, and on-the-job employees have the opportunity to be promoted and get a raise every year after passing the internal examination. 

Food and accommodation: 
1. Food: three meals a day, two meat, two vegetarian and one soup are provided for free. Every Tuesday and Thursday, there are chicken legs, ribs, roast duck, braised pork, steamed fish and so on. 
2, accommodation: provide 4-6 human dormitory free of charge, with balcony, equipped with independent toilet, etc., specially responsible for managing the safety of the staff dormitory.